Unpublished Work (Papers)

These are papers that are or might have been for publication. Ephemera, Obituaries, etc. are on that page.

“Heterogeneous Applications and Platform Market Stability: Mobile Apps” with Pai-Ling Yin and Joe Orsini. 2023 Link

“Network Theory and Microsoft” 2001 Link

“The Right Remedy” 2002 Link

“The Economics of the Microsoft Case” 2002 Link

L’affaire TB-JH Discussion of Identification in and after the book edited by Bresnahan and Gordon “The Economics of New Goods”

In the book. By Jerry Hausman, “Valuation of New Goods under Perfect and Imperfect Competition” Folllowed by “Comment” by Tim Bresnahan in The Economics of New Goods. Link

After the book, by Jerry Hausman, “Reply to Bresnahan” Link

After that, reply to the reply by Tim Bresnahan entitled “The Apple-Cinnamon Cheerios War: Valuing New Goods, Identifying Market Power, and Economic Measurement” Link