Amicus Briefs

Brief Amici Curiae on Behalf of 70 Law, Economics, and Business Professors and the American Antitrust Institute in Support of Appellants, In re: Loestrin 24 FE Antitrust Litigation, 2015 Link

Brief Amici Curiae of 49 Professors in Support Of Petitioner, In The California Court of Appeals in re Cipro Cases I & II. Link

Brief Amici Curiae of 53 Law, Economics, And Business Professors, The American Antitrust Institute, And Consumers Union In Support Of Appellants, In The United States Court of Appeals For The Third Circuit In Re: Lamictal Direct Purchaser Antitrust Litigation, 2015 Link

Brief Amici Curiae of 118 Law, Economics, and Business Professors and the American Antitrust Institute in Support of Petitioners, Federal Trade Commission v. Watson Pharmaceuticals, Inc., U.S. Supreme Court, January 2013 Link

Brief of Amici Curiae Economics Professors in Federal Trade Commission V. Phoebe Putney Health System (U.S. Supreme Court). Link

(with many economists) Amicus Curiae Brief of Economists in Support of Petitioner, American Needle vs NFL, 2009 Link

(with Einer Elhauge, et al.), Amicus Brief Antitrust Law and Economics Professors in Support of the Settlement: The Authors Guild et al. v. Google inc., US District Court for the Southern District of New York.  2009 Link

(with 22 other economists) “Brief of Amici Curiae Economists in Support of Petitioner Leegin Creative Leather Products before the US Supreme Court,” 2007. Link

 (with Mark Lemley, Joseph Farrell, Carl Shapiro, et al.), Brief Amici Curiae of 41 Professors of Economics, Business and Law in Support of Granting the Petition: In Re: Tamoxifen Citrate Antitrust Litigation, No. 06-830 in the Supreme Court of the United States, 2007. Link

(with 36 other economists) “Promoting Efficient Use of Spectrum Through Elimination of Barriers to the Development of Secondary Markets” Comment in the Federal Communications Commission’s Secondary Markets Rule Making, 2001.

(with George Hay, Richard Gilbert, Daniel Rubinfeld, Lawrence White, and Bruce Owen (all former chief economists of the antitrust division)) “Brief of Economists Amicus Curiae in NY v Microsoft.” Link

(with George A. Akerlof, Kenneth J. Arrow, James M. Buchanan, Ronald H. Coase, Linda R. Cohen, Milton Friedman, Jerry R. Green, Robert W. Hahn, Thomas W. Hazlett, C. Scott Hemphill, Robert E. Litan, Roger G. Noll, Richard Schmalensee, Steven Shavell, H R. Varian, and Richard J. Zeckhauser “Brief of Economists Amici Curiae In Support Of Petitioners Eric Eldred et al” (U.S. Supreme Court Considers Bono Copyright Extension Act.)  2002 Link